Charitable Support

Supporting Local and National Charities

At the foundation of IdentityE2E is a strong set of moral values, including honesty and integrity in our dealings with clients. We also built into our founding principles the requirement to use a percentage of our company profits to support the local and wider community. To this end, we have already happily provided financial support to a number of local and national charities, totalling over £190,000 in the last seven years…

Classic Land Rover Run

In addition to the above, IdentityE2E are proud sponsors of the annual Charity Land Rover Run. Our 2023 event was held in the summer and saw us return to Ypres to mark IdentityE2E's ten year anniversary. This year's Charity Run to was held in aid of the Hospice in the Weald. The total raised this year was £2,700 taking the overall total raised and gifted to charities through these events to over £75,000, since 2010.

Charity Landrover Run Collage Charity Landrover Run Memorial placks