Case Study - Home Office EBSA AWS Cloud Platform

Home Office EBSA AWS Cloud Platform

EBSA Platform

The Home Office is fundamental to the security and safety of the UK, acting as the lead government department for immigration and passports, drugs policy, crime, fire, counterterrorism and the police. New technology is transforming the way immigration services are delivered; making it faster and easier for members of the public to apply for visas and for Home Office staff to make millions of decisions each year. These systems of critical national importance are dependent on a complex, cloud based infrastructure.

IdentityE2E, working with the Home Office and other AWS Partners implemented a highly secure, highly scalable cloud platform which enables Home Office delivery teams to consume service to enable rapid agile delivery in support of its aggressive transformation agenda. The EBSA Platform utilises Kubernetes containerisation running on AWS EC2 instances to provide highly available and resilient services.

The EBSA platform has won numerous industry awards including the Computer Cloud Excellence Award and the UK IT Industry Best Use of Cloud.

Key benefits:

  • Highly secure, in-depth security controls
  • Deployment times reduced to minutes
  • Enforces infrastructure as code
  • Allows consumers to self-serve
  • Robust and highly available
  • Extensive cost optimisation tooling and reporting
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About IdentityE2E

IdentityE2E is a specialist SME, recognised experts in the field of identity management, biometrics and the integration of enterprise scale cloud solutions. IdentityE2E are an AWS Partner who specialise in providing cloud engineering solutions to private and public sector customers.

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