Technical Architecture

Our Technical Architecture Services

IdentityE2E specialists have many decades experience in technical architecture of largescale systems, including: Development of reference architectures, technical requirements, technical roadmaps, integration papers, interface control documents, and technical design authority leadership, using standards-based architecture frameworks.

The IdentityE2E team has 3 decade’s experience supporting law enforcement, Home Office and other HMG departments and we have led in the creation and implementation of reference architectures in Home Office programmes and elsewhere in HMG.

Our approach is grounded by appreciation of business objectives, driven by knowledge and understanding gained from real world experience working alongside our clients. We also have an understanding of delivery complexities of our clients and how architectures might need to be adapted to ensure a practical outcome.

We use standards-based architecture frameworks, tailored to suit the project.

IdentityE2E is active in running Technical Design Authorities (TDAs) and other aspects of the architecture practice. We have authored technology roadmaps and associated plans for transitioning legacy estates to strategic end-state. We have written detailed integration papers and architectural decisions to set out the TDA position to guide suppliers in their delivery against the client architectural estate.

We have delivered reference architecture, architecture principles, technical guidance, architecture templates for architecture decisions and architecture descriptions (including based on ISO/IEC/IEEE 42010).

The following illustrates a typical process indicative of the type of approach we would take for the within a project to deliver a reference architecture:

  • Establish a multi-disciplinary design authority
  • Create and agree a set of fundamental architecture principles with key stakeholders
  • Outline the skeleton roadmap to set the direction of travel
  • Create technical guidance material (patterns, antipatterns, principles, tech radar, architectural decision process) to de-centralise decision making
  • Integrating cross cutting expertise (data, security, business design, service management, platform) into the design and implementation process.
  • Community forums (e.g. developer guild)
  • Continuous, iterative updates to the roadmap as the reference architecture develops

Examples of Technical Architecture services delivered to IdentityE2E clients:

Future Borders is a cross government programme rationalising existing systems operating at the border. IdentityE2E was contracted to establish the central architecture team and deliver the reference architecture. The multidisciplinary team brought together SMEs across many architectural disciplines (security, data, application, infrastructure, integration) and suppliers.

Home Office Biometrics Programme is delivery biometric services across government. For transformation of the complex legacy integration estate, IdentityE2E provided technical leadership, including conceiving the Biometric Services Gateway, development of standard interface formats, removing complex legacy and proprietary interface formats and allowing HOB technology migration. IdentityE2E was the primary author of the HOB technology roadmap, describing transformation and convergence to future state.