IdentityE2E and Paravision Partnership

IdentityE2E today announced a biometric integration with Paravision to Revolutionize Government Operations with Cost-Effective Face Recognition at Scale

London, UK / San Francisco, USA — February 29, 2024 — IdentityE2E, a UK-based SME specialising in demanding public sector projects, today announced a partnership with Paravision, a leader in Trusted Vision AI, to provide Paravision’s advanced biometric face recognition technology as a managed service for government agencies and demanding enterprise customers, providing world-class accuracy, scalability, and security alongside a dramatic reduction in total cost of ownership.

The managed service is built around Cydonia, IdentityE2E’s biometric search platform, which is powered by Paravision Search and delivered via IdentityE2E’s AWS Landing Zone Accelerator. The resulting solution enables easy integration, extensive support, and substantial cost savings for highly-regulated public and private sector organizations with complex operational requirements.

As an integration company commited to biometric vendor neutrality, IdentityE2E conducted comprehensive benchmark assessments and practical trials in collaboration with AWS. Our goal was to select the optimal facial recognition system for incorporation into our secure cloud infrastructure, which underpins the Cydonia solution. The choice, Paravision Search, was informed by an independent evaluation of biometric matching efficacy and demonstrated ability to scale and function seamlessly with IdentityE2E’s system.

Some highlights from IdentityE2E’s evaluation of Paravision Search include:

Dramatically Reduced TCO

  • Up to 90% cheaper than comparable platforms for certain SLAs.
  • The auto scaling-functionality significantly reduces compute costs and enables partners to only pay for necessary compute at all times
  • Platform management requires 3-4 engineers for a national-scale solution, as opposed to 10-20 with other comparable platforms.

Extremely Fast, Trusted Automated Instantiation

  • Greenfield, national-scale solutions enabling AWS best practice security and compliance to global standards including NIST and CIS can be deployed in under 24 hours.
  • Enrolment of 20 million identities is possible in less than 24 hours, as opposed to multiple months with other comparable platforms.

Enterprise Scale and Reliability

  • Scaling of gallery size to hundreds of millions of records.
  • High resiliency across multiple AWS availability zones.

IdentityE2E’s exhaustive evaluation report on Paravision Search can be provided to interested parties upon request.

"Our extensive testing made our decision to integrate the Paravision algorithm with Cydonia, an easy one."" said Mathew Costick, CTO at IdentityE2E. "The evaluation of Paravision Search running in AWS on Cydonia has demonstrated its ability to meet the rigorous needs of some of the most demanding government and enterprise applications. Not only are we fully confident in the performance and accuracy of Paravision’s technology, its modern tech stack, speed, and auto-scaling capabilities can provide Government partners with staggering total cost savings."

The provision of Cydonia is built on IdentityE2E’s extensive track record delivering large-scale biometrics and identity management projects. An AWS Advanced Tier Service Partner, Identity E2E has built-out AWS architectures in secure environments for prominent programs worldwide, including for the European Union, the UK Home Office, and the UK National Health Service.

"We are proud to partner with IdentityE2E to bring trusted face recognition technology to governments and enterprise customers worldwide," said Carl Gohringer, VP of Global Public Sector at Paravision. "IdentityE2E's extensive experience in delivering and managing platforms, combined with the power of Paravision Search and the capabilities of AWS LZA, will enable us to address the most challenging use cases while delivering superior value."

Paravision Search offers high scalability, extreme speed, native elasticity, and sophisticated gallery management features, making it the ultimate choice for government identity verification, border control, and other high-volume use cases. For more information about Paravision Search, visit For more information about IdentityE2E's services, visit

About IdentityE2E

Our expertise in biometrics and the development and integration of secure cloud platforms, particularly in highly regulated sectors, forms the cornerstone of our operations. This distinctive combination of capabilities allows us to provide unparalleled "end-to-end" services.

Our guiding principles are honesty, integrity, and a steadfast commitment to delivery for our clients. We pride ourselves on the integrity and quality of our work, with a relentless drive to exceed client expectations. Such dedication has not only established us as a leader in excellence and high-quality delivery but has also drawn elite professionals to our ranks, further solidifying our position as a standard for best practices within the industry. Our clients, which includes key government entities, rely on our acknowledged expertise.

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About Paravision

Leveraging the latest advances in deep learning, Paravision’s industry-leading Vision AI software is trusted globally by security device manufacturers, solution providers, systems integrators and financial services firms to deliver frictionless experiences and comprehensive safety and security. From the latest in Edge AI platforms to cloud-ready solutions, Paravision powers computer vision-centric solutions with modular, highly scalable toolsets that deliver breakthrough capabilities under the most challenging conditions.

Paravision has developed deep expertise in face recognition specifically and strives to consistently raise the bar for face recognition technology in accuracy, security, inclusion and convenience. Paravision has consistently ranked among the top global performers in NIST’s gold standard Face Recognition Technology Evaluations, including 1:1 Verification, 1:N Identification, Face Mask Effects and Paperless Travel, and matches these benchmarks with breakthrough performance in a wide variety of identity-centric applications around the world.

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